Two Key Words And Bam..My Burning Eyes

It was a typical morning, like any other. i sat down at my computer with my smoking hot coffee and ventured into the world wide web. i guess you could say sometimes i troll the internet looking for a story or my own personal muse. On this particular day i typed in two key words that brought me to craigslist, but not only did it bring me to craigslist, it brought me to an ad that traumatized my mind. If you want to see how sick people are visit craigslist. So there i am shocked, mortified and how will i tell my boyfriend what i have seen without revealing the methods of my own madness.( The writer in me always goes after a good story, you just don’t always see them)

So There i was feeling all those emotions staring at this M4M craigslist ad, What is my boyfriend going to say? how am i going to tell him? what will people think about me for reading what i read and seeing what i saw, but why is this guy on here doing this? There he was one of my boyfriends friends dick in hand looking for a homosexual experience and right beside his dick in hand was his face. What the fuck? His ad read :

“33/m here looking to play. Super horny love oral.never tried getting fucked but really want too..laying here rock hard on my stomach wishing I had someone to cum with before I just do it alone.please come get me and take me home Hit me up.white only please…also if you are partyin I am down..just makes me want cock and cum that much more.let me suck on you tonight”

I needed to tell my boyfriend, but i didn’t know how, after all this was supposedly one of his good friends. Now i don’t care what people do, but don’t lie about who you are. Ya know To Thine Own Self Be True. If you can’t be honest with yourself, then you won’t be honest with anyone else. Addiction is a very sad thing, i know this person is an addict, but at what point is enough, enough? I sat on this information for two days before my boyfriend mention that he had seen so in so and i said ” I have something i need to tell you” his response was i want to see the proof, then i stated the proof is in the pudding, please don’t make me view this again. I emailed it to him. Then i had to explain how i came across it.  On a daily basis i troll, scroll and stroll through the internet looking for something to write about, i visit various different websites looking for a good laugh or Holy Shit. On that day it lead me to The Jacksonville craigslist M4M ad that caused me to stay off the internet until today. Please do not let me catch you online with your pants down, dick in hand, next to a face shot selfie. Please do not solicitate  your ass for drugs , The wondrous world of craigslist where the dirty nasty sinful scum go to find there pleasure, Married Men, Cheating wives, Diseases are just a click away. Someone shut that site down. 


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